Famiglia Martini di Cigala


What we are doing for our environment

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    In 2001 San Giusto a Rentennano started to become a completely organic farm when the olive groves were first certified and registered by QCertificazioni and since 2006 the vineyards and the rest of our land have been certified and included.

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    When the olives and vines have been pruned while the moon is waning, all the branches and leaves are transported elsewhere. There they are chopped and gathered by a special machine and piled into heaps. Manure from cattle that graze outdoors and cut grass are added. The compost is then left to ferment and decompose for one or two years and during this period it is occasionally stirred. When the compost is ready it is spread in the vineyard, preferably in autumn, fertilizing the land with organic material loaded with microbes that enrich the soil.

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    In 2007 we installed a 10 kw solar system which generates 80% of the electricity the farm uses.

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    The sewage from our cellars, workshops, storerooms and houses , after a first treatment in cesspools, flows into two biological purifiers. These water purifiers consist of large waterproof baths filled with small stones on which a special aquatic cane (phragmites australis) grows. This cane absorbs and oxygenates the water, purifying it so that it can be used for irrigation.

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    We now use only steel and wood to support our vines, both of which can be recycled. During the winter we use small branches of the willows that grow on our property for tying, while the fruit bearing branches, for the Guyot system, are tied with a metal thread wrapped in biodegradable paper.

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    On the farm all our garbage is divided into the various categories for correct disposal. For packaging we use bottles, cartons, etc that are easily recyclable and we are now looking into the possibility of using lighter glass bottles in order to save energy during transport.

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    During fermentation no yeast is added to the grapes and they ferment solely with their own yeast. The wine is bottled lightly filtered.

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