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Rosato di Toscana

Sangiovese  - Canaiolo  - Merlot 

A wine produced by blending together must extracted some 12 to 24 hours following the crushing process from vats respectively containing Chianti Classico, Baroncole (Chianti Riserva), Percarlo and Ricolma grapes of the year 2015 harvest. The above described blend further enriched by a 10% addition to its volume of freshly crushed grapes, which were kept macerating in the liquid for up to 12 days. Fermentation temperatures controlled so as not to exceed the 27 degrees centigrades limit. Stirring and pumping operations carried out daily, as usual. The outcome is a wine of strong rosy colouring, actually verging on an outright red hue, and of concentration within the acceptable average.

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