Vin San Giusto

 Vin San Giusto

Vino Bianco Passito

Malvasia 90% and Trebbiano 10%


This sweet wine is made from 90% Malvasia and 10% Trebbiano grapes, hand-picked when perfectly mature, and dried on racks in a well ventilated room for approximately 140 days. After the grapes are pressed, the must is sealed in small chestnut barrels, each containing 40 to 180 litres, which are placed in lofts where they are subject to seasonal temperature change. Here the wine ferments and develops slowly over a six year period,during which time 40% evaporates, which accounts for its extraordinary concentration. Before bottling, the wine is filtered, drop by drop, through Holland cloth. Vin San Giusto has long ageing potential. It is bottled and held for a further 18 months, before it is released. It should be sipped at cellar temperature 10°C (50°F). This wine containes no added sulfites.

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